Covenant Presbyterian Church


Covenant Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama knows how to host a Missions Festival. From the time the missionaries begin to arrive on Friday night until the final benediction on Wednesday evening, we are encouraged, challenged, and loved by everyone. It’s really amazing.

The food is among the BEST that we’ve ever had at a church. We’re not talking lasagne…and I LOVE lasagne. Different Sunday school classes sign up for the various meals and they produce a wonderful variety of meals.

Saturday night is the kick-off dinner for the whole church. The missionary displays surround the fellowship hall, and the tables are set for a culinary delight. And how many times do you have a table set with your own name and your favorite flowers? Each missionary sat at an assigned table and anyone could sit at your table.

On Sunday we took part in two morning services and an evening service. And we were blessed with the opportunity to speak to the children’s church at the first service. We were teaching them some Ukrainian words and phrases including “I live in Alabama.” We nearly lost the room when one of the parents asked how to say “Roll Tide!” Roll tide, roll. And the chant began. Of course, those that are NOT fans had their own cheers. Thankful for the sweet little iPad that brought everyone back down to earth…we recorded the children of Alabama sending a message to the children of Ukraine. We told them that children in Ukraine live in a culture where God was not worshiped openly, so many of the parents cannot teach their children about the Bible. They shared their favorite Bible stories and things that children need to know. Precious moments.

On Monday I was totally spoiled at a women’s luncheon at a beautiful home in the area. Thankfully we had a beautiful day and the double doors were opened to the outdoors and we could sit in or out. Oh my goodness. Delicious food and delightful company. Our speaker spoke to the hearts of the women…Loved her comment that going to the missions field is like pouring Miracle-Gro on your sins. True.

We enjoyed dinner/dessert in individual homes on Tuesday night and gathered back at the church on Wednesday morning and Wednesday night. We had ample opportunity to share about our own ministry and also time to learn about others. We’re excited to have learned about so many other ministries, many of which we will probably be able to connect with in the future.

From Birmingham to Decatur, home of sweet sweet friends.


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