Ukraine Medical Outreach, briefly

So, we have just created a presentation to show ever-so-briefly what our ministry is all about…well, at least one part of the ministry. This is part of a contest for non-profits: First place prize is $10,000. Second – Fifth prizes $5000. The winner is determined by the number of viewings. PLEASE take a minute (or two) to watch this video and then consider linking this post somewhere?!

Ukraine Medical Outreach



  1. Well …I definitely learned something! When one of the first slides came up…I thought that that was what you were doing! But I was wrong! I like what you are actually doing even better! Wish medical personnel in the USA were in tune with this!

    • Thanks, Cynthia! Actually there is a program in the U.S. called The Saline Solution that teaches much of the same information but specifically to an American audience — wouldn’t work so well internationally.

      Of course, I didn’t get to share about the HIV+ orphans and other parts of our ministry, but the point was to make a brief presentation to show the gist of our work…glad you learned something!! (Feel free to pass it on…)

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