Sunday in the ‘bury


Ahhh. A great night’s sleep at the Kotiash home. An advantage to staying up the entire night the night BEFORE you travel is that you are actually ready to sleep at a normal hour when you arrive. And you sleep for a full night. Yes!

Jim got a little Poppy time with Milan — guys doing their paperwork at the table — before church and then we all headed to Providence Presbyterian to worship our Lord. This particular Sunday service welcomed new members and then installed deacons. All had served as deacons earlier in our church, except for one.

He was ordained and prayed for by Pastor Jason Shelton. A mighty prayer. Asking a mighty God to be with the newest deacon at church, at home and at work. He prayed for his family — his sweet wife and young son. He prayed that he would continue to be a man of prayer, that he would always seek His face and wisdom. That he would be able to withstand the onslaught of opposition that would come his way from time to time.

Jim is an elder himself and was invited to join the active elders in the church as they agreed with Jason’s prayer.

As they prayed for our son, Jamie. What a thrill to be part of such a ceremony/service. My heart was bursting with love for this young man.

After church, Anna took Jim and me over to Jamie and Dasha’s apartment…we wanted to get as much time with them as we could and the Kotiash clan really needed for Milan to sleep (not distracted by doting grandparents). The Kotiash tradition is to talk to Ukrainian relatives on Sundays, so it was a good time for us to be elsewhere.

Anyway, Dasha had prepared a delicious soup and we were able to all sit around the table together and have a relaxed meal before Lydian woke up from his nap. Anna retired to Lydian’s room to study for an upcoming exam, Jamie turned on the NBA, Dasha busied herself in the kitchen making a cake for a Hymn Sing at church later that evening, and WE had some wonderful Lydian time.

I mean, check out this face! You don’t have to be the grandmother to fall in love with him. He’s at that wonderful stage right now — he stays where you put him. We all know those days are numbered, but it’s pretty great at the moment.

He recently learned how to drink using a straw, like his older cousin Milan, and is so pleased with himself. Somehow the concept of tipping a head back to drink from a sippy cup has escaped both of our grandsons. Not a bad thing, really. If you tip back far enough…well, you just fall over backwards!

We all returned to church for the Hymn Sing followed by soup and sandwiches. And then rode home with Jeanne and Kolya. Snow/slush was beginning to fall — that can create panic in Salisbury, by the way — and we wondered what we would find in the morning.

The cold could not chill our hearts warmed by our time with family.

Twenty-four hours in country. Time for bed.



  1. sweet, sweet, sweet… love those pics of Lydian. It was soooo great to be able to spend quality time with you that day. And what a special Sunday service for you to be able to be a part of. We definitely don’t take it for granted. God is good.

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