Kyiv to Frankfurt to Philadelphia to Salisbury to Delmar

So, have you missed me?

Just kidding.

We were so busy before finally heading to the States that I just couldn’t get pictures onto the computer and blog posts written. I have some GREAT pictures that I will post of some moments before we left, but have finally found a few minutes to actually post about our time here so far.

How much could have happened in just a weekend, you ask? You’d be surprised.

We left Kyiv in the wee hours of Saturday as the city was trying to warm out of a deep freeze. Our dear friend Cara offered to pick us up at 3:00 a.m. and get us to the airport. (Is that a good friend or what?!) The roads had been clear and no more snow had fallen, so what could go wrong, eh?

Well, to start with, we weren’t exactly ready to go when she arrived. Packing and creating space in drawers for house guests while we’re gone…and cleaning so they wouldn’t turn around and leave…took longer than expected. I must say I wasted a bit of time trying to check in online … FINALLY made it happen, but without time to print the boarding pass. Ugh.

So, anyway, Cara is behind the wheel and we notice that the roads are getting a bit slippery. That is, when we could even SEE the roads. Fog completely engulfed us several times and we wondered whether we had missed exits, etc. Didn’t help when the main road we were on was totally closed to traffic. No warning. Just barricaded. We turned around and Cara set out on a back-road plan to get to the airport. But again, we couldn’t see any landmarks along the way to know whether we were still even going the right direction. A bit scary, but Cara did a SUPERB job of navigating. We went to check-in — normally an obnoxiously long process in Kyiv — and we waited only a few minutes before someone pleasantly checked us in, weighed our bags, and sent us on our way upstairs. Once upstairs, we again had a minimal wait at security and also at passport control. Quite possibly the easiest departure we’ve ever had.

Flew to Frankfurt, switched planes and headed to Philly. Again, no problems. Managed to stay awake to watch a couple of movies — gotta love Footloose (the original) with Kenny Loggins singing the theme song. I was trying not to dance out of my seat — I taught many an aerobics routine to that soundtrack! Fun.

Time to grab a bite to eat in the Philly airport before flying the last leg to Salisbury, Maryland. How sweet to have Jeanne, Kolya AND Milan waiting for us. Unfortunately our little guy eventually woke up and wasn’t interested in sleep when we got to his house. Jim and I both went to bed before Milan. (Sorry, Jeanne and Kolya. Just couldn’t stay awake another minute!)

The next morning I was up early and thought I might as well get my shower over with before everyone else was up. Five of us needed to be ready for church by 9:15. When I entered the guest bathroom, I just grinned…yeppers! We really WERE at their home — not just a dream!! (Thanks, Aunt Biz, for making bath time such fun!)

Milan and his daddy skyped with relatives in Ukraine before we all headed to church. A very special service and a wonderful afternoon followed. But that’s going to have to be another post…



  1. cute pic of the guys:)

  2. So sorry to have missed all your happy moments here-the shower and Jamie’s installation! I know you and Jim are so glad to be here!

    • We will certainly catch up with you at the end of March/April. We are certainly thrilled to be here and, as I mentioned at the shower, so very thankful for a covenant family that takes care of our children while we are so far away. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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