False teaching

Attached is a link that directs you to an open letter of repentance from a woman who formerly promoted the teachings of Henry Blackaby and Beth Moore. Her letter and the links she provides explains better than I can why she is concerned with their teachings and particularly their teachings about contemplative prayer.

Once you are on her blog, you can see some follow-up posts as well as read comments from those in support and against her view.

One of our responsibilities as a Christian is to be Bereans…search the Scripture to see whether what is being taught is actually true or not.

I encourage each one of us to be a Berean.



  1. Hey there, friend..haven’t gotten to your blog in a long time but sick home today so had some time…so this was an interesting link to that woman’s letter. But just one thing…so what do we do with I Corinthians 14:39? I hear what she was saying about a lot of her points (wow, bad sentence! ha!)…meaning..I agreed with her on many points. But no visions or prophesies for today? I don’t see that in Scripture. No visions or prophecies that contradict the already revealed word of God in the canon of scripture…absolutely. Just thoughts…will have to read her letter again and digest more..keep up the Berean work, friend! 🙂

  2. yikes! how come that frowny face by my name? 🙂 You have a special program that says whether or not someone writes something positive or negative? 🙂

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