Ephesians 2

Well, a couple of days of no access to our website nor our e-mails (which are connected to our domain name) made for an interesting beginning to this week. Once we were back on, the internet provider went on the blink. Off and on. Made me wonder whether I was even supposed to be online at all!

After another internet challenge this morning, it seems that all is now well. And just in time to post something for Women in the Word Wednesdays.

As I have mentioned several times, I am involved in an online/facebook Bible study through Good Morning Girls. (We are currently in week 3 of 12, so feel free to jump in if you’re interested in taking a deeper look at the book of Ephesians. We just started chapter 2 this week.) We are taking a slow meditative look at Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

I must admit that I have often read through Scripture much too quickly. I get the Big Picture and yet miss so many precious details. This study has changed that!

This week we began the second chapter, and after three days we have meditated on seven verses. See what I mean? S-l-o-w-l-y.

When you describe God, what words do you use? Creator. Holy. Blameless. Gracious. Sovereign. Redeemer. All-wise. All-knowing. Savior. Glorious. Faithful. All-powerful. Mighty. Just. Loving.

All of these descriptions are mentioned early on in this book. And more.

But today I looked at a word that is also used to describe God. One that I just don’t often use personally.


“…expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.”

I love it. A simple enough word. But the connotation of kindness to me expresses gentleness, compassion, serving. NOTHING to gain by being kind. Being kind… Just because.

Makes me consider how often I am simply kind.

Needs to be more often.

Oh, and how kind of Him to connect women around the world to dig deeper into His Word! Such encouragement.

I kindly invite you to join our little group.



  1. What a positive insight! When I think of his kindness I thing of his mercy. You’re so right, there’s nothing to be gained in that. So thankful to be in this “little” group with you. Thanks very much for connecting with me.

    • Thankful for the encouragement around the world! I just spent more time over at your site…love it! One of these days I really am, no REALLY, going to figure out digital scrapbooking. Your informative page sparked the interest once again.

  2. Kindness – yes, need more of that in my home! Thanks for pulling that out for me. May the Lord pour His kindness through you to all those precious children!

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