Good Morning Girls

Okay, so I realize that I’m often the last to know about all kinds of things.

And this is no exception: I have just discovered an online Bible study called Good Morning Girls. It’s exciting to me because their general approach to Bible study is EXACTLY what we just practiced in Belgium last week at Prayer Week. Writing out the verses in your own hand, really slowly meditating on the Word, recording observations in the verses and also applications and prayer. S O A P. Scripture, observation, application, prayer.

Pretty simple, but oh so effective. God speaks through His word and allowing yourself time to soak in a few passages a day is marvelous. The added accountability of working through the passages with others is simply a bonus. And others’ insights can be so inspiring. Praying for iron to sharpen iron.

Anyway, I discovered this group on facebook. And there are groups popping up all around the world to begin a study beginning on Monday (that’s TOMORROW!) on Ephesians. In twelve weeks, we will have written and meditated on the entire book. I love it.

Anybody want to take part with me? I am hoping to start a group on facebook…or be invited to an ongoing group…and I’d love to study this with some of YOU! We can take part through facebook and/or email. Or this blog, if you think that might work.

Let me know if anyone is interested! I’m in.



  1. That’s pretty cool! I’ve been looking for an online devotional of some kind, so I think I’ll try this out. I might be interested in a group too, but I’m also starting a Women’s study at church in Feb., so I’m not sure how in-depth I want to get with this GMG study.

  2. I sent you an invite to a fb group, just in case you’d like to join us. Hoping others will come along as well. Our group is international…Ireland, Ukraine, USA…

  3. My friend told me about this group. I am ‘hangin out’ with you. I am also interested in the fb group you spoke of in the last post.

  4. Would love to join you ladies in your journey through Ephesians. Am I too late?

    • Not at all. Our group is on facebook…send me a message there and I’ll invite you into the group. The official study is Monday through Friday, so you have today and tomorrow to catch up!


  1. […] The study has officially started. […]

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