Loving from afar

They’re up. They’re out. And they should be on board the first of two flights today.

And I already miss each one of them.

I’m sad to not see this little coat hanging near the door.

I am really thankful that we had a week of prayer in Belgium last week that also included a day of silence and fasting — fasting from physical food as we eat of the spiritual and fasting from conversations with each other so that we have time to converse with the Lord.

I am also thankful that I wrote my thoughts that day. Among other thoughts:

Recently a woman in our church simply declared that if she had 3 children in America she’d be there, too! Insinuating that something must be wrong with me if I continue to stay in Ukraine.

Others ask how I can stand to miss these early years with the grandchildren. They could NEVER do that.

Well, the truth is that they haven’t been called by God to leave them! I have. And HE provides what I need — the grace, strength AND the technology. I see my grandchildren every week…if not everyday.

My first love is Christ. Followed by my husband. The LORD gave Jim to me and me to him. He entrusted us with 3 precious children to raise for Him. Together we did that. But the goal of parents is to raise your children to love and honor God…and then release them to serve Him…wherever that might be. And to raise their OWN children to do the same. Encourage them as we can. Offer advice, when asked. Love them.

But my intense child-rearing days are past. As we started, so now we return: a couple devoted to each other and serving our God together. Wherever that may be.

We have work to do.

I purposely had not posted these thoughts earlier. I really wanted to see how I would feel when I actually had to see them off. I hate good-byes. And I always cry. And today was no exception.

My mother’s heart wants to be with my children. I’d love to watch Anna receive her degree. I’d love to help Jeanne as she nears the birth of her second child while chasing after her first! I’d love to watch Jamie be a daddy, up close and personal. And I love their spouses — such wonderful Godly partners!

My grandmother’s heart can never get enough of the little ones. Even if we lived in the same town, it wouldn’t be enough.

But my heart belongs to the LORD. He is knitting Jim and me ever more close as we continue to serve Him in Ukraine. My heart fills with joy as I watch Jim in action…kind words here, constructive criticism there, consultation here, teaching there, prayer throughout.

This is one wife who counts herself most fortunate to be following after a husband who follows hard after God.



  1. 😦
    sending you a hug! praise jesus for a delightful visit! xo

  2. Thanks, sweet Hannah. I was JUST thinking about you today. Praying all is well in your cold neck of the woods!

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