First metro ride

I love this picture of this sweet family’s first metro ride. I think that Milan can adjust to new things as long as his daddy’s arms are holding him! What comfort. (Makes me remember to trust my own Heavenly Father’s strong arms supporting me when I venture into new areas…)

Today the clan is returning from western Ukraine to Kyiv to begin the last minute shopping, packing, visiting that will take place before their early departure on Thursday. I am looking forward to hearing about Milan’s adventures with his other grandmother and multiple aunts, uncles and cousins.

Please pray for them as they travel back today. For the trip out, Kolya’s brother drove them. Today they are using public transport — small buses (one transfer) for this 5+ hour journey. Milan isn’t a big fan of being held all day, so the small bus could present some challenges, to say the least. And the buses can become quite stuffy…even sometimes a bit chilly…so praying for a comfortable temperature. Otherwise, off will come Milan’s pants so he’s not overheated…followed, most assuredly, by passengers trying to keep him bundled! Folks here have no problem expressing their views on how you care for your child!

Sleep, Milan. Grammy will stay up with you tonight, as needed.


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