Thursday at the Abbey

Today started with an optional Bible study at 7:45. We looked at Luke 16:19-31. The particular method of study had us each read the passage and then mention what we liked or didn’t particularly like about the passage. Or what we found a bit confusing. We reread the passage and the answered the questions: What does this teach about people? What does this teach about God? Reread the passage and then discuss how you will personally live it out. The final task is to name who you will tell about what you have learned. Ummmm…that is whoever reads this!

Breakfast and then a discussion of how the financial crisis may affect healthcare. Very interesting.

And then Chris Steyn introduced the group to a method of biblical meditation…thoughtfully focusing one’s thoughts. What is the Lord saying to you through His word about loving Him and loving your neighbor? And what is your response? We looked at Matthew 25:37-40.

Afternoon sessions included a look at integrating theology and healthcare. We looked at a just God. Perfectly just. Deuteronomy 32:3-4. Following Marshall’s talk, Chris led us again into a biblical meditation on the same passage.

After dinner we watched a short video from Crown Financial Ministries entitled the Widow and Oil. When asked, What do you have? She responded that she had nothing. Then she remembered that she had some oil. As she poured it out, God continued to supply more. We were challenged individually to consider what we have to give. And then we gathered by country/regions to pray specifically for our countries. Powerful. Ukraine joined with Russia, Lithuania, Serbia and the Czech nation. May God pour out His Spirit on these countries!

We are now in the fellowship room where people once again want to stay involved in rich discussions from things we learned today.

Look out, World! God is at work through the medical professions!


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