Wednesday at the Abbey

We arrived at the abbey just outside of Gent in Belgium yesterday afternoon. Following dinner we had a time of worship and praise and a discussion about the holiness of God. Afterwards,tea and coffee. AND, if you can believe it, Belgian beer. Apparently, many of the abbeys brew their own beer…once upon a time, the water was so bad that beer was healthier. I think the water is now drinkable, but beer is the preferred beverage. Who’d have thought that to be the case?!

Today was a day of silence, as I wrote about yesterday. When I am back at my regular computer, I will share what I learned today during this time. It’s a beautiful thing to have a whole day to read, pray and listen. but typing on an iPad takes too long for me to write much about it.

We shared a dinner together, and then met to allow individuals to share what they learned today. Inspiring. Encouraging. And leaves us all with anticipation for great teaching tomorrow.

We’re supposed to be heading to our rooms, but over half of the participants are still in the fellowship room. Maybe because we haven’t talked all day?

More tomorrow. And pictures, if I can figure out how to post them from the iPad.


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