Prayer Week

Midnight here. Need to pack to be ready to head to the airport to catch a flight to Belgium, site of the Prayer Week this year. We will be gathering with like-minded medical professionals from across Europe to pray for God’s direction in how He might use this profession to His glory in the coming year.

It will be great to see some old friends and meet new folks — we are feeling part of the group now as we attend our third Prayer Week. Tuesday night is such fun as we gather over dinner.

As has been the procedure in the past, Wednesday is a day of fasting and silence. As our friend Chris Steyn explained last year: Fasting from physical food as we eat of the spiritual and fasting from conversations with each other so that we have time to converse with the Lord. It allows us the time to deal with issues that we need to address before we continue on as a group.

I’m looking forward to the teaching that is scheduled for us, and the multiple times of prayer. Such an encouraging, challenging, refreshing, reflective time.

Not sure whether we will have internet access or not, so this may be the last post until late Sunday or Monday. Please pray with us and for us as we seek God’s face…not His hand…over the next days.


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