Family time

Well, I have obviously taken some time off from posting on this blog. Not that I slowed down on taking pictures, or living life to the fullest, but I just didn’t get the posts written.

Back on track.

Some pictures over the next little bit may be a bit out of chronological order, but that’s just going to be the way it is.

Last Friday night, our friend Cara drove Jim and me to the Kyiv airport to welcome our two daughters, one son-in-law, and our first grandson to Ukraine. Thankfully, another friend Viktor met us at the airport and transported suitcases back to our flat.

Our days (AND nights) were full and long as we traded off time with Milan. No one told him that he had crossed 7 time zones and that he should be tired upon arrival. We wouldn’t have traded a single moment for anything else.

On Tuesday morning, the Kotiash clan left for the village about six hours west of Kyiv. Kolya’s mom is meeting her first grandson for the first time and they will be spending New Year’s Eve and Ukrainian Christmas in the village with Kolya’s family. We are thankful that they are getting that time together. And we are thankful that we get time on both sides of the Pond to visit with our grandchildren.

Anna and I have enjoyed hot chocolate, coffee, tea, puzzles and Christmas movies over the past two days. It’s been way too long since we’ve just had downtime together.

So thankful for these two weeks.



  1. kristin Fisher says:

    What a sweet Christmas for you! Thinking of you guys often! Happy New Year!

    • An amazing Christmas…as I’m sure yours was as well! Received a sweet note from your mother-in-law, by the way. Oh, we’ll be in your neck of the woods in March/April. Will you guys be around?

  2. So happy for you!

    • Thanks! I’ll hate to see them go…but it does make reuniting a wonderful event! I’m sure you had a great Christmastime as well…after Thomas finally got home! Happy New Year!

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