Who are you asking?

I won’t say that there’s NEVER a dull moment on the field here, but I will say that dull moments are rare. Actually, I could almost look forward to some dull moments. Almost.

Ukraine has changed their visa/registration restrictions as of September and foreigners are scrambling to get their documents in order to apply for the new ones. But which documents? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Our visas are technically good for at least another year. But we were told that they would be null and void after early September. Turns out that’s not exactly true. Well, depending on who you ask.

Most everyone agrees that we cannot be in the country longer than 90 consecutive days. The law states that we can only be here for 90 days out of 180 without registration. But if you cross the border and return, does it reset the 90 days? Well, yeah, right, depends on who you ask. And who’s working at the border as you cross back in.

Tomorrow morning Jim and I will be joining fellow missionary Cara on a pre-dawn flight to Poland. Why Poland? Simply looked at flights and found the cheapest round trip tickets we could find! We’ll spend tomorrow and Thursday looking around Kracow (did someone say Ikea?!) and then we’ll fly back to Kyiv early Friday morning. Midnight-ish in the States.

Would you be so kind as to lift us up in prayer before you hit the sack on Thursday night? We’d greatly appreciate it.

Honestly, we’re not looking for complications, but you just never know…

…and it always depends on who you ask.



  1. My wife and I (and our team) is going through all the same stuff right now living in Kharkov. We just received visas for 45 days and have been told that once we register with OVIR we will be able to stay longer. We would love to hear your updates or any further information as you learn it.

  2. I find this immensely frustrating… especially as things are becoming more restrictive in comparison to past laws and regulations. In our four years in Kyiv, we needed to renew our visa once and were never hassled. I just have to shake my head. Not pleased with these changes.

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