Patient education

Monday. Again. And, again, a very busy and productive day.

After spending time in prayer with my precious husband, I reviewed my preparation for my Ukrainian lesson. So much new vocabularly — a fairy tale — and I surprised myself at how well I did. Thankful to have a very patient teacher.

The 2-hour lesson ended a little after noon. My next meeting began at 12:20.

And, seriously, the one-on-one meeting lasted a full five hours. Thankful for fresh coffee delivered periodically by Jim, a chocolate bar, and some dry cookies. (And that he had preheated the oven at 5:30!)

The meeting was all about designing a plan to educate children who are in the HIV/AIDS ward of a local hospital. Some of these children are hospitalized for weeks, months, even years at a time with no one providing any coordinated effort to instruct them in the basics of education: reading, writing, mathematics. Plus music, art, language. Sveta has a deep passion for educating special children and has learned some new techniques and methods to teach while working with her own children. We spent a great deal of time determining what courses should be taught with only 2 available hours each day. Flexibility is the key…some of the patients are orphans with very little formal education, some have been in school but are not current in their studies, all of them are bored day after day in the hospital.

We’ve been given the green light as far as the program is concerned. Just need funding! If anyone knows of funds/grants that might be able to help us, please drop me a line. We can start…teachers are ready!…as soon as we have needed supplies and salaries for the teachers.

Praying for these dear children. Education is crucial for them to be able to make it in the real world.


  1. Awesome stuff – will be praying for funding so that you can go forth!

  2. Thanks, dear friend. Your encouragement is precious to us.

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