Stand up. Sit down.

Such a great morning teaching English to my little charges this morning. I actually had 12 children from age 3 to age 6. Quite a handful.

When Toliy and I arrived to teach the lesson our regular room was too cold. Apparently the heat has not been turned on in the building yet, and the small heater was already in use in the playroom. I cannot teach in the playroom…way too many distractions. A second group of children wished to join us and we asked the caregiver if they had a warm room for the class. Hooray! And what a great room it was. Warm. Carpeted. Couches and chairs. Table big enough for everyone to sit around. Such a pleasant setting.

We’re working on simple commands. Both hearing them and saying them. I’ve decided that the children need to do a lot more of the talking this year. Open. Close. Clap. Stomp.

I wish you could have heard us singing “Row, row, row your boat!” Not an easy song to sing in a round when only one person (ME!) knows the song. I thought that after a couple of times through that we could break into two groups. Not really!

I’m using ‘The Jesus Story Book Bible’ as the center of the Bible lesson. Love this Bible. Can hardly wait to get my hands on the Russian and Ukrainian versions. Today we talked about creation. God used simple commands to create the whole world and everything in it. And the children learned that God loves his children more than anything else.

Our sweet Swiss friends sent colored pencils to the children and they spent some time drawing something — anything — that God created. I collected the pictures and at the end of our months together I will help them put together their own illustrated Bible. Cool, eh?!

Love my Wednesday mornings.


  1. I wish I was there!!!!! And I know Row, row, row your boat. I would have helped you.

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