Monday, Monday

Our days are certainly not slowing down! Seems they just get fuller and more full.

Today started out like a regular sort of day…Jim made the coffee and had his private study time before we met to read and pray together. It makes for a great start to each day…we’re literally on the same page.

Jim’s assistant arrived at 9:00 and the work day began in earnest. At 10:00 I had my 2-hour Ukrainian lesson. Some days go better than others, but today was a particularly fun lesson. I had so much to tell about LAST week’s craziness … in Ukrainian, of course. I love it when I realize that I have a larger vocabulary and grip of the grammar than I thought. Now, other days…I wonder whether I’ve studied much at all.

Thirty minutes after my lesson we had a five-person meeting discussing plans for a new project we hope to begin at the national children’s hospital. Oh my. After four hours, we encouraged everyone to go home and think through their parts and we can talk again. New projects always take time to talk through, but this was really exhausting. It seems like the same things were being said time and time again…but with a slight twist, I guess. We’re all basically working towards the same goals, but have a bit different approach on how to get the job done. My brain is a bit befuddled.

Having had no time for lunch, I was so ready for dinner. What to make quickly? I barely had the guests out the door before I had water boiling for pasta. Quick and easy.

Jim then went to the store for supplies for our chili dinner tomorrow — a personal request by our weekly guests who come for physical food followed by spiritual food — we’re looking at the book of Mark together.

Now…pjs are on and we’re catching up on e-mails, blogs, news, and facebook tidbits.

Oh, and did I mention that we still have bazillions of legos that need packaging?! (See an earlier post.) I’ve got to get a plan before our houseguests arrive next week — their room is slightly overrun with boxes!

Monday, Monday.


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