Legos everywhere!

Legos. Great toys for creative play. Different sizes for different ages. Fun to play with alone, but can also be used with friends.

We love the fact that children in Switzerland decided to collect legos and send them to us to give to hospitalized children, as well as others who may benefit from such a gift.

Delivery was interesting, to say the least. We had to meet a truck just outside the city limits. Three of us plus the driver quickly removed the shrink-wrapped packages and put them on the sidewalk. The truck immediately left.

Three of us loaded what we could into Sasha’s car. But it’s hard to put one square meter of legos into a sedan when we had JUST had dinner at Sasha’s parents several hours outside of Kyiv. His trunk was loaded with potatoes, apples, and pears…both for his family and for us! We tucked, jammed, smushed, and piled high the boxes.

It became clear that I would be sitting on Jim’s lap in the front seat so that we could load the entire back seat as well. We must have been quite a sight!!

Once home we unloaded the boxes and the next day we began opening our treasure. Many of the legos were packed in bags that were numbered and corresponded to specific plastic carrying cases for them. But SOME were simply loose in the boxes.

I’m not exactly sure how we’re going to distribute the loose legos — I hope to package them in some practical way using ziploc bags. But meanwhile, I am simply amazed at the generosity of these Swiss children. And amazed at just how many teeny tiny pieces fit in a medium-sized cardboard box. I guess I have until Christmas to get the packaging figured out.

Fun. Coming right up!

Thanks, friends. Au taquet!!



  1. kristin Fisher says:

    Hilarious! I just had the vision of you sitting on Jim’s lap in Sasha’s packed out car to start my a.m and a big smile to my face. Miss you guys!

    • Jim particularly liked it when we hit bumps in the road — not that there would be many of THOSE on streets here. Heh. Glad you had a big smile in reaction. By the way, I passed the word about Ian’s first day of school to his former caregivers…they grinned!

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