Threaten Kyiv with armed revolt?

An interesting partial article caught my eye this morning. And as I continued to click links to get to the main article, I must admit that I was a bit surprised. Albeit I don’t listen to Ukrainian news in Ukrainian all too often — mostly when I want to see how my language acquisition is coming along — so this may not be new news to some.

So this is what caught my attention: ‘Only weeks after Russia’s consul general in Lviv called him the “Moses” of his people, Dmitry Sidor, an Uzhgorod priest loyal to Moscow who heads the Rusin movement in Transcarpathia, declared this week that “after many years” of using only political tactics, the Rusins are now prepared to “defend their freedom with arms in their hands.” The Young … (more)’

Read the full article here:


I decided to gather more information on the Rusins and one of the first articles was authored by this same priest:


Who knows what all this means?

We’ll see.



  1. Chris Malone says:

    A little on the worrisome side. But God is all and in all.

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