Here we come, Manila!

Soooo, we’re getting picked up in less than ten hours. Are we ready to go spend ten days in Manila?

Well, no change in the visa saga of yesterday, though some great offers to spend time with friends in various countries if we can’t get back into Ukraine on the 13th. (See yesterday’s post if that doesn’t make sense to you.)

A government form that we didn’t know about (stateside) absolutely needed to be filed before we left. The research took most of the day.

We’re blessed with a sweet house guest who arrived today as part of a team working with our friends, the Stoddards. They were short of space (you don’t even want to hear why!) and we offered a spot as soon as we knew. Love meeting new folks here!

Tomorrow morning we have two students arriving an hour apart — 6:30 and 7:30 — and we’re fixing them breakfast. They, too, are flying to Manila, but not on the same flight as ours from Kyiv. We’ll meet up in Doha and arrive in Manila together.

Speaking of Manila: I checked the weather forecast for the next 10 days. Are you ready? Scattered thunderstorms, scattered thunderstorms, scattered thunderstorms, scattered thunderstorms…yeah…all ten days. Thankful that our hotel is connected to the conference site. I think.

Another Manila thought: Manila is only five time zones away. And yet we will take three flights to get there…and one of the flights is nine hours long. What’s up with that? Need to get the globe out.

Guess I should be about packing.

Not sure what the internet connections will be while we’re gone, but I hope to keep you posted on our adventures!



  1. Sounds like Kathmandu to Kyiv… happy flying!

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