Our little model

The majority of our time in the States was spent in the presence of our two grandsons…we stayed with Kolya and Jeanne so we had lots of Milan time. But we were only 10 minutes from Jamie and Dasha so we had some sweet Lydian time as well.

We tried to keep the camera available at all times to document what we were doing — way too busy to actually write it all down and blog at the time. (I hope to begin putting the pictures onto facebook…my plan anyway.)

I absolutely have to post some of the pictures here on my blog, though. Who wouldn’t want to see our little model in his new Ukrainian warm-up suit?!

The pants are still too long, but I think this will be perfect for the fall and winter in Salisbury.

And you can be sure his tato was thrilled to see this little outfit. Preparing for Euro2012.

(Click any picture to enlarge it.)

Oh, and before my dear friends let me know that I have posted more pictures of Milan than Lydian…I know. At this point in our trip, we had only seen Lydian for one day (posted in July) and we were soon off on an adventure to Ohio. Don’t worry…many Lydian pictures to follow. Trying to stay somewhat chronological…

Love these little boys so much. And I myself am looking forward to pictures of Lydian wearing the Ukrainian shirt we gave him — it’s still too big.


  1. did you buy the suits in Lviv?

  2. Lesia Iwasyk says:

    Never mind after reading your blog, I see that you live in Kiev. The suit is awesome, I have been searching the web over for suits to buy. You should sell them on ebay…I know that each and every one of my Ukrainian community would want one….lol

    Could you advise where you bought it…I may have to send a search party to buy one for my son and daughter….thank you for your time!!

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