Skype on!

We have long valued skype. Initially, it was just a quick way to stay in touch with friends, though we only rarely used it.

Once our children moved to the States, it was an inexpensive (free?!) way to continue to hear their voices regularly. E-mail is nice, but HEARING voices is so wonderful.

Business contacts, conference calls added to our time on skype. So convenient. Well, as long as everyone has a good connection.

And then grandchildren entered the mix! Skype has been amazing! We are able to actually SEE the everyday activities around home and witness key milestones from afar. We cheered Milan’s first “roll-over” and have watched him try all kinds of new foods. We even receive pictures and videos via skype.

But I really do think we recently discovered skype in all of its wonderfulness:

My mother is currently living in an assisted living setting. She is no longer able to type, so we are unable to stay connected through email. And she doesn’t always answer her phone: it’s not nearby when it rings or the battery charge has been drained. Either way, we frustratingly would call her time and again.

This last visit in July, we watched again as she played solitaire on her computer. No problem with the broad movements with a mouse. We connected her to skype and showed her how to accept calls, initiate calls and even click on the video button so that we can see her. (Thanks, Alec, for the webcam!)

With first great-grandson on hand, we called second great-grandson. Mom has yet to meet little Lydian in person, but what motivation to answer her calls! We set her up to be able to call us, her grandchildren…and now her great-grandchildren. While playing solitaire (which she does regularly) a large notification appears on her screen: Dasha is calling. Or Jeanne is calling. Or whoever. She can then choose to answer or not, but she only has to click the button.

Cool, eh? She LOVES it and I love to see my mom when we talk.

Go Skype!


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