Summer Sea Quest

I almost forgot how much fun it is to be part of a well-done vacation Bible school. And how tiring it can be leading up to said event.

Our daughter Jeanne and Faith (who also grew up in this church) offered to head VBS this summer — not a small undertaking. They recruited awesome help for many areas of work, but the two leaders and their families did much to create the seafaring environment. Thankful for the youth group who pitched in on Wednesday nights and so many others who invested hours and hours over the past months. (Can you believe the backdrop was painted while the artist was planning her wedding?! And she managed to get married in style and move before the actual VBS. Thanks, Sarah!)

The VBS centers around Christ and His saving work as evidenced in the life of Jonah. The children meet a pearl diver who was at sea during a storm when all of a sudden everything becomes calm. He gives a firsthand account of the commotion at sea and Jonah being tossed overboard and then swallowed by a large fish.

Painting their own sailor hats, enjoying homemade delicacies, and learning songs add to the fun. They are challenged to memorize Scripture (and will be able to present the Gospel by the end of the week!) and are sacrificially giving to the missions project: providing Jesus Storybook Bibles in Japanese to be used by a missionary supported by Providence serving there.

All this on Day One! I had hoped to get lots of pictures of children taking part, but my assignment was the nursery…I wanted to be wherever Milan was! Five little nursery kiddos and 54 participants. Whew!

Team points are awarded for remembering to bring a Bible, your logbook, your hat and extra points for bringing a friend. Wonder how many children will be here by the end of the week!

Stay tuned…



  1. so awesome!! praying for continued success for the vbs week. xo

  2. Nancy Anderson says:

    For those pictures you missed taking, everyone can go to to see pictures from the whole week and the closing ceremony:-)

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