Cuteness personified

Grammy alert. Fair warning. Grammy alert.

Up and at ’em early in Salisbury on this hot and muggy Wednesday. I have a hair appointment at 9:00, but first we need to make a visit to meet the newest little Peipon!

I am afraid that Milan has picked up some of his Grammy’s traits, particularly not wanting to miss anything…even if exhausted. The little cutie was full of yawns, but would not settle down for a much-needed nap until Grammy and Poppy had left the scene.

(Apparently he has become a tour de France fan, so Aunt Anna provided him with the proper attire. What a great aunt!)

And then we were off to meet 2-month-old Lydian for the very first time. Oh, my goodness. He is the same age that Milan was when we left him last fall…the snuggly cuddly stage. His Poppy snagged him for a kiss…

20110721-083548.jpg…I gave my first squeeze…

…and we took a picture of James John, Lydian James and James Cooper. Three generations of Peipons. Priceless.

Jeanne and Milan picked me up to head to Town’s End for a quick trim, and Jamie retrieved me from there for a little more Lydian time. (Jeanne and Milan were off to a morning Bible study.)

It was fun to get some quiet relaxed time with Jamie, Dasha and her mother…munching on some delicious homemade Ukrainian delights. But, I must admit, I was in my own little world with a precious baby on my shoulder. Ahhhh.

Next step? Return to the Kotiash abode and pray for Milan to nap. His routine has been altered a bit and the adjustment shows up as crankiness. Just like in the rest of us.

Turns out that he finally fell asleep…not long before we were supposed to help Jeanne with VBS preparations at church. I stayed home with the sleeping angel. Tough duty but someone had to do it. A Grammy dream come true.

(Cancelled blueberry picking for Thursday morning…we all need an unstructured morning so that Milan can sleep before the trek to Ohio tonight!!)



  1. hooray!! cuteness indeed, so glad you can see him! xo

  2. this post just makes me smile :))))
    …just overall happy.
    so good to have you here with the rest of the family and with the boys – they are two lucky grandsons!

  3. tanya susidko says:

    must be wonderful to be with the grandkiddies. They are both so beautiful. Enjoy!

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