First camp

Thursday and Friday. A 2-day camp for a variety of children. We bussed the children about 10 minutes outside of Kyiv, and, unbelievably, we escaped the rain! The forecast had been for thunderstorms on both days. Actually, to be quite honest, I don’t know what happened with the weather on Thursday…I woke up with an incredible headache that grew worse as time passed. I added nausea and dry heaves to the mix (lovely, eh?) and so I missed the whole entire first day of camp. I could HEAR the singing and laughter from my room, but I couldn’t be among the children. The report this morning was that all was well.

This morning I still had a headache…what’s up with that?…but some sinus tablets, a cup o’ joe, and I was ready to participate. And how much fun it was! The only camps that I have ever been involved with have been modeled after vacation Bible schools…obviously a 2-day camp wouldn’t be like that. The organization, the joy, the crafts, the games. Oh my goodness. There’s nothing quite like a team of 14 children ministering to 30 children who speak a different language. The smiles and giggles are universal. Of course, the Bible lessons were translated, and adults took part as needed, but it was really a special time for me today. So thankful for children with hearts so big.

Hopefully I’ll get pictures up soon, but, honestly, I’m just glad that I was able to take part!

Please pray for this crew for tomorrow: They are hosting a dinner honoring the health-care workers who specifically take care of HIV+ children. They have organized a full schedule of events between dinner courses, and I think our guests will be surprised.

To God be the glory.



  1. excogitatingengineer says:

    Praying for your work and thankful for what you are doing in Ukraine.


  1. […] team from Switzerland was doing with HIV kids at the National Children’s Hospital.  It was a neat experience.  Then, to learn that this team from Switzerland has been praying for us for months was mind […]

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