Thankful that the rain came late in the day

Great morning at church. I love Communion Sunday. And it was good to see four generations at church…starting with Masha, my 4-year-old English student. Oh how I love that little girl. And her mama. Her grandmother. And now we know her great-grandmother.

Jim made the final announcement for our camp that will begin on Thursday. Seems to be some excitement among the volunteers, including the musicians. Looking forward to multi-lingual music next Sunday. This Swiss team has among them some gifted musicians. The 21-member team arrives Tuesday and we will go directly from the airport to the camp site. So looking forward to meeting the crew.

After hanging around the church for awhile, the Fishers joined us as we walked home via a few famous sites…The Golden Gate, the Opera House, Hedgehog in a Fog, and the white-forked cat. We had a little shopping to do along the ‘shopping street,’ Andriivsky Uzviz.

We decided to create a smorgasbord so that we could grab a bit to eat as we wanted it. Chicken, peppers, tomatoes, lavash, chips. Delightfully simple and tasty. Great combination. Freshly purchased from our local rinok. Jim and Mat bought the pre-cooked chicken at our grocery store.

What fun to watch the team time trials of the Tour with Mat Fisher. He understands the truly fine points of the sport…being a rider himself. Anna and Jeanne would have loved to sit in on our viewing.

Just before they left, it began to rain. Again.

This weather is wreaking havoc on my sinuses.

Looking for 24 hours without rain.


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