Crazy mixed-up days

It’s kind of crazy how one unplanned day without internet can set me back!

Not only did I miss one day of posting on this blog, but the next day we didn’t have access to the internet until early afternoon. Our newsletter took priority over most things, but we still had our regular work to do. So two days in a row with no blog post. Unheard of!

Thankful that the newsletter was finally completed today and went out early this morning (USA time).

Other distractions? This is a crazy sports weekend around the world. Go USA! Women’s World Cup team won their match against Columbia. Maria lost her Wimbledon final. Andy lost at Wimbledon and failed to qualify for the finals. The Tour de France started today with a crazy first day: nearly half the peloton went down at one point. Surprise standings after the first day. And now Klitchko is scheduled to fight David Haye.

Made a big salad tonight thinking that our friends might come by to catch some of the race — he’s a big cycling fan. (HELPFUL TIP: If you put your hand in the pot of water to retrieve hard-boiled eggs, even if the heat’s been off for awhile…um, the water will still burn your fingers. Don’t do it.)

And for some reason I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. I’m going to blame all unrest and abnormalities on the weather…I don’t know when I last saw so much rain in Kyiv. Day after day after day. Though a little sunshine pierces the gray from time to time. Pitiful weather for the Balcony Cafe. Praying it clears before camp at the end of the week.

Thinking I should just hit the sack, and start the week off rested.

Looking forward to Communion tomorrow.


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