Children need YOU

I need to get our newsletter written. And I need to submit the text for our updated website.

I’d like to watch a bit of Wimbledon. Or the Women’s World Cup. And, hey, the Tour de France is due to start on Saturday.

And yet my mind is on children. My own grandchildren — cannot WAIT to meet the newest addition next month and spend time with the firstborn grandson as he really considers walking on his own. Love, love, love.

Today I spent three hours with a 4-year-old and her mother — Masha is one of my English students and I’ve been working with her privately throughout the summer. Love that giggling little girl.

And, of course, I’ve had Vanya on the mind. Who hasn’t? What a sweet little boy — who thinks his new parents are cool. Such a God story.

But I’ve been thinking about the ones still here. Who may never be adopted. Who may never be in a foster care setting here. Who have no contact with a special adult who will show love and care.

I’m thankful for ministries looking for mentors. I’m thankful for ministries educating caregivers AND orphans about how to live outside the institution walls.

Please pray for the thousands of orphans in Ukraine and the hundreds of thousands throughout the world. Ask the Lord how even YOU might be part of the solution for these children. As parents. As mentors. As a prayer warrior. As a financial help to adopting families. As a caregiver to the families left at home while parents travel to adopt.

Think creatively. Out of the box. And help the least of these.


  1. So thankful for your ministry and heart!

  2. amen!!
    also, i love you.

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