Face-to-face, finally

For those of you wishing to follow the continuing story of Vanya and his new family, keep this link handy: The Fishers’ blog. They are doing a wonderful job of sharing their hearts as they learn more about Vanya and he learns more about them.

I did want to share a few thoughts from the fly on the wall when they first met. First of all, is there ever a more expectant emotional time in one’s life? Maybe your wedding day.

Before Vanya came in, Mat realized that HIS plans for their meeting would not be taking place…some of the ‘supplies’ were still in the car. (We weren’t supposed to meet him yet, as far as we knew…) But, as he said, God is in control so no big deal.

Mat and Kristin were seated on a couch against the wall. A corner seat rounded the couch out into the room. When Vanya came to them he was standing behind that part of the couch. He was so calm. He had already been told privately that a family was coming especially for him because they wanted to give him time to adjust: the staff was afraid that he would lose his mind with happiness at the news! How sweet is that? He paused behind the couch and then walked around the extending section to greet Mat and Kristin.

Kristin didn’t last long on that couch once he came around.

After greeting his mama, he stared eye-to-eye at his daddy. And smiled his sweet smile. Now, you have to know that inside he was about to explode with joy. Kristin’s face tells it all. Everyone in the room was beaming with tear-filled eyes.

The crew went to a classroom where they became better acquainted. Several people spoke English so there was always someone available to translate. The dialogue between father and son was priceless.

What’s your favorite color? Red. Ahhh, just like your brother. (grin.)

What’s your favorite animal? Cat. Well, we have several. (grin.)

What’s your favorite food? Meat. Ohhhh, my son! (Mat spoke these words in Russian and a wide-eyed little boy loved it. I could barely take pictures as I was wrapped up in the moment. The staff was obviously pleased!)

Can you ride a bike? Yes. My son!

Vanya needed to get back to camp, though I think he would have stayed right there if given the chance. A quick family picture. Yes the paparazzi were there!!

A hug for mama. His dream come true. (The staff told us that he used to ask some of the ladies if it would be okay if he called them mama. He knew that they weren’t, but he just so much wanted to have someone to be his mama.)

A walk down the hall. And we were gone. Not before Vanya asked when they would return. He stood in the window and waved at Mat and Kristin until the car was out of sight. Kristin was blowing kisses to him.

I was witness to one of the most intimate life-changing events ever. I am still teary-eyed when I think about it. What a privilege.

Just wait ’til he gets home and meets the rest of his family! He is forever changed. An orphan no more.

(Oh, Kristin, don’t forget his wish for a little sister that he can push in a stroller…just sayin’)


  1. THAT is priceless!

  2. Thank you, thank you for sharing your perspective while I am following along on the Fishers’s blog also. Tears streaming down my face. What joy in that little face and in the grown-up faces too. And the dialogue between father and son….soul touching. I first read of Vanya on Adeye’s blog and have been following along ever since. Such a gorgeous story!

    • It has been an amazing look at the sovereignty of God as we see all the pieces fitting together. If this hadn’t happened, if that had been the case, if it been a week earlier or later… When I first spoke with Mat and Kristin and learned what was happening there at the same time as certain things were going on here, we were all just in awe of God’s hand!

    • Me, too! What a great look into it from ‘the fly on the wall’! How so many of us wish we could be that from time to time! So glad you were and that you shared. ❤

  3. You tell it so well! I have to get some of your pics – they are different than mine.

    • My pics are your pics, my friend. Snag them off of the blog, or come by and we’ll transfer pictures. Love hearing about each day…may God continue to knit your precious family together.

  4. Ooooooweeeeee!!!! How special is that!!! You little fly on the wall, I sure do wish I coulda been there too!!! Now, what I wanna know is “who gets the jewel for their crown for this?” the Fishers? you? Chris? all the people who contributed? Maybe you all get to just share it for the brief moment before you present it to The Master!! Well done, friend.

  5. I am so happy for Vanya and for the Fisher family! Praise God they have found each other! I asked Mat today (I work with him) when I could see pictures. What a nice surprise to find them on your blog. Thank you for keeping us up to date. God bless you and the work you do every day.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. Tears of joy are streaming down my face. Kristin is one my closest friends. I’ve watched God’s hand working in the Fishers life for years, leading up to this moment that you have captured so well. It’s truly an answered prayer for Vanya and his new family. We can’t wait to meet him! I pray that God continues to bless you and everything you do there.

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! You have a new follower, btw!

  8. beautiful!! weeping with a swelled heart for this family. hooray for vanya!! praise jesus.


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