Rainy Sunday in Kyiv

I really did think that I would post some of the sweet moments from yesterday’s meeting of Mat, Kristin and Vanya. BUT, the pictures just don’t want to cooperate this evening and it’s getting too late for me to argue with the computer…I have a hard enough time when I’m fully rested!

So, tomorrow will be the day.

On another note, though connected in some ways, we had the pleasure of the Fishers’ company at our church service this morning. Surely it was just a coincidence that one of the passages that we read mentioned FISHERS of men. Actually it was a wonderful message on the mission of God.

After church, Mat, Kristin, Jim and I had a delightful lunch together at one of many cafes in Kyiv. Partway through the meal they received a call from their facilitator saying that Vanya and friends were going to the circus and did the Fishers want to go? What a question! We guzzled hot hot coffee that had just been delivered to the table so that we could race the Fishers through the metro maze to their flat so they would be able to change and be ready to be picked up in a matter of minutes. What troopers!

We saw a picture of the Fisher trio at the circus so we’re thankful to know that we did actually get them home in time to go!

Great evening of conversation with the Underwoods when we all finally arrived back at our flat. We laughed at the joys and challenges of parenting but agreed that there’s no better job out there…so thankful to have been privileged to stay at home with our children.

And thankful that our two grandsons have stay-at-home moms as well. Enjoy!!



  1. We were out at camp a bit this a.m. I recognized some of the kids you spoke of. Hope you can come and see them again with us. We hugged on them all but of course, one special little boy who is getting more comfortable every time we meet him! He rattled away in Russian to us…”Mamma….jfioehfwioehishiheiofiowshibho” All I could understand was the first part – “Mamma..” and I loved it. Thanks for getting us around yesterday and letting us worship with you!

    • This comment is wonderful, Kristin! So thankful that he is getting more comfortable every time you meet him. (And I’m glad you’ve seen my other little buddies…) Not sure what your schedule is like these days…maybe we can get together?!

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