New Fisher

Welllll, our house guests over the past two nights left for their new ‘digs’ this afternoon. But not before letting me know that I had permission to join them at the orphanage or camp when they would meet their son for the first time. Really? I can tag along and take pictures? Excited, for sure.

But just before they called to say they’d be picking me up in 10 minutes, our new house guests arrived. We’re thrilled to get some time with Ande and Paula Underwood from Birmingham, Alabama. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen them both. We quickly made plans to meet for dinner and out the door I went.

Wow. Emotions. Nerves. Expectations. Anticipation.

More questions from psychologists and social workers. Questions about the Fishers. Questions about Vanya’s past.

And then finally the meeting.

Vanya was led by the hand to meet his forever parents. He smiled nervously, but over time he relaxed a bit. He took his daddy by the hand to show him his room. We went to a classroom where the Fisher clan all drew pictures. Precious moments with tender interactions. Some of us fought back tears as we witnessed Vanya’s dream coming true.

By the time we were leaving, everyone was hugging everyone else. The Fishers were letting Vanya know that they would see him the next day. As we drove away, Kristin was blowing kisses from the car window as Vanya stood in the window until the car was out of sight.

He’s a happy camper.

So thankful that the Fishers let me be part of this most special day.

Guess I’m a happy camper, too.

To God be the glory…great things He hath done!

(I have some pictures but there is no way that I’ll post them before the Fishers do!!)


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