Hope on a bench

I was so tired this afternoon that I took a nap! And I really wasn’t sure that I wanted to travel to the hospital to play with the children. Lots going on with deadlines looming everywhere.

As usual, though, when I least want to do something, God has a surprise. And today was no exception.

I started off saddened by news about several of my favorite kiddos…conditions are worsening with not much more being able to be done for them. At least in Ukraine.

As I sat studying my Ukrainian lesson waiting for the children to wake from their naps, a woman sat down next to me. We were sitting on a bench just outside the door and greeted each other. I began to explain that I was an American volunteer who came to play each week. She stopped me partway through and said that she had seen me with my husband months ago and knew what we were doing. She spoke quickly and I encouraged her to slow down. She smiled and began to tell me about herself. Three of the children who had just come outside were under her care in another city. In fact, she had taken in five children — I’m guessing that they may all be HIV+. Her face beamed as she told me about her little charges. I asked her if she knew some of my friends who were now living in the Odessa area. She said that she saw them regularly — these kiddos are probably 8 or 9 years old by now — and then wrote down her address and phone number and invited Jim and me to visit. She promised to take us to these children and feed us a wonderful meal. I can be SURE of that! (Ukrainians have a wonderful gift of hospitality.)

Needless to say, I was greatly encouraged by this meeting. Jim chuckled later saying that I was known all around Ukraine. Not really. But it’s wonderful to know that there are people throughout Ukraine taking special care for these children who are HIV+. Much still needs to be done. Families are greatly needed whether in Ukraine or elsewhere.

But I saw a flicker of hope today. And I know that God is at work.



  1. This is sweet-God is so caring to give us encouragement right when we need it!

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