Chris Malone (Eli Project) gave us a couple of books when he left Ukraine this past weekend. So, Jim and I decided to add one more book to our daily reading. I love our times of reading outloud with each other because, literally, it keeps us on the same page.

Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Orphan Care is certainly a topic dear to my heart. And if the foreword by David Platt doesn’t grab you, then the introduction by the two authors should. I have a feeling that my life will not be the same after reading this.

Tony Merida and Rick Morton have both adopted children so they do know the careening emotional roller coaster that couples ride when going through the process. They also know about the children who are still in orphanages and the countless needs there.

Rick Morton writes in the introduction about his decision to adopt…and the questions that he had. I think that many of us can relate:

“Could I really love an adopted child like my own?”

“Can we afford an adoption?”

“How can we be sure the child will be healthy?”

“What happens when the child wants to meet his or her ‘real’ parents?”

“Should we tell children they are adopted?”

He continues, “…I began to see something amazing. The crazy thing was that it had been there all along! God had adopted me.

“I had read that many, many times, but I had never truly seen it! The Most High God has adopted me! So, did He love me like His own? Did He tell me that I am adopted? Did He worry about my health or did He provide for my progressive growth in His image? How much did He pay for my redemption? Wow!”

Tony Merida further reminds us of the Gospel.

“We are not mere humanitarians. We are leaders in the church who have been changed by Jesus Christ. Everything that we talk about in this book is a reflection on the gospel. Every challenge that we state is motivated by the gospel. Adoption is a real-life illustration of the gospel. It shows us how God transforms spiritual orphans into family members. He changes our names, identities, and families by His grace. Orphan care is acts of mercy that flow from the heart of one who has been changed by the gospel. So, as you read this book, my prayer is that you would love the gospel more deeply and out of that reflection, go display God’s Fatherly mercy to a world in need.”

Some of my favorite pictures are photos of children and parents gazing at each other eye-to-eye. And I look forward to orphans having that same opportunity…to look into the eyes of someone who cares, who loves them and is committed to being Mom and/or Dad.


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