Live mocha

Any website that has mocha in the name just might get a visit from me. Live mocha? Whatever that might mean.

But, I was given a tip on Saturday that there is a website that has free language lessons that are quite good. Hmmm. Rarely do I ever see Ukrainian listed as a language of choice, but I thought I’d check it out just for fun.

Well, LOTS of languages are offered. And even Ukrainian. The premise is similar to Rosetta Stone, from what I hear. (Rosetta Stone doesn’t offer Ukrainian, so I never gave it too much thought.) You read, you listen, you write and you speak. The written and spoken lessons are submitted by peer review by native Ukrainian speakers. Written feedback.

I completed a lesson just to see how it worked. I was impressed by those that wrote back to me. Some very helpful instruction. AND I was then asked to offer feedback on submissions by those studying English. As few or as many as I’d like.

If anyone out there is looking for free online language instruction, livemocha just might be for you. Let me know what you think.



  1. my dogs name is Mocha!

  2. I tried it for a while last year. It doesn’t give you much grammar, mostly vocab. But I did get lots of feedback from people too.

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