Sweet Sunday

Peaceful Sundays. Love them.

Great message this morning, and my heart was warmed by several in attendance. When Pastor Ivan asked the children if they knew what perseverance meant, sweet Masha stepped forward and confidently gave a description of pressing on with patience. Masha is four years old.

After church, Jim and I enjoyed lunch in a cafe with Connie Fortunato (of Music Camp International fame!) and her cohort Shirley Platte. A light breeze blowing. Tasty salads. And chocolate pancakes wrapped around bananas and nuts for dessert. Mmmm. And the conversation was just as sweet.

Home in time to talk with the young Peipons and see the youngest little Peipon…12 days have FLOWN by since his birth. Filling out a bit and totally relaxed in his mama’s arms. Sweet.

Not long after that call we connected with the Kotiash clan and witnessed Milan’s first steps behind a moving toy…Jeanne knew that it was going to be trouble when he pulled up with both hands on the handlebar. So amazingly cute. Dare I say ‘sweet’?


Love Sundays.


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