O K L A …

Jim and I had the pleasure of meeting with a great group of folks from none other than Oklahoooooooma. (I really can’t simply say that state’s name…it MUST be sung!) This team had spent a week at camp with children from age 7 to 14 or so. They were rather exhausted upon their return to the Kyiv area, but got excited when they could talk about their adventures. We were invited to share a bit about life as missionaries in Ukraine.

The leader of this group has been to Ukraine 40 or more times in the last 15 years…and is making more and more frequent trips to various parts of Ukraine. He tries to be here at least 3 times a year. Commitment and consistency. Well done!

Once invited, we really wanted to get with this team was because we had heard about some of these characters! Chris Malone, of Eli Project fame, was here with two of his children. And Mia Grace’s big sister was also here! (Surely y’all remember Masha, Masha, Masha…now known as Mia Grace.) What a joy to begin to put family names together with their beautiful faces.

Looking forward to their next visit!


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