Books, books, books

We’re in the process of deep-cleaning of our flat. We’ve worked out a schedule that will have each of our rooms completely cleaned before we leave for the States next month.

One of our true addictions is books. Books. Books. We love books. I have tried to organize them many times — sooo many bookcases — but I usually tire of trying to determine categories for them all.

So, part of this deep cleaning involves going through all the books we own. Oh my. A daunting task. But one with rewards, I must say: I discovered a book that we bought used several years ago, put on the bookshelf, and promptly forgot. We will begin reading this book tomorrow!

I Found God in Soviet Russia by John Noble. Takes place behind enemy lines…in Soviet slave labor camps. I’ll keep you posted.



  1. Books are my weakness too… I’m in the process of moving, and part of the reason I have so much stuff is my many boxes of books.

    The book sounds interesting… do keep us posted!

  2. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do not get rid of any book without consulting me first! You still have some of mine there too, dear mother. I love you.

  3. Don’t let Anna have any-we need to keep her traveling light!

    Ugh! Too many books here. Beginning to see why a Kindle would be useful. And no poor soul has to inherit what YOU thought was an excellent read. I OWN books b/c I save on the library overdue fee:-)

  4. Two thoughts on organizing:
    1. Get a home schooled kid to type out all your book titles. There is a stage where they like to pretend they are librarians and do the Dewey Decimal system.

    2. Moni K. (and I hear from my 20-somethings that this is popular amongst the young and chic) organizes by COLOR. Makes a nice display on the bookshelves:-)

    • 1. My best organizers no longer live in Ukraine.

      2. Oh my goodness…that would make me crazy if I ever needed to find a specific book…can’t imagine remembering the cover color! I’ll have to see some of those bookshelves! :o)

  5. Emily (the Canadian) says:

    I read a book by John Noble called I Was a Slave in Russia. It was really good so I’m sure the one you’re reading is just as good.

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