Look! No hands!

Okay, this is how I see this. Eight-month-old Milan thinks that he has figured out the secret to walking. It all has to do with having your hands free. So, he leans against the couch and frees his hands. And then talks to them. And sees that yes…they are free, and yet he’s not walking. What’s up with that?

(That’s me, by the way, watching this scene from behind via skype)



  1. Suzanne says:

    He enjoyed the sand at the beach while I fed him vanilla crackers. Actually, I think I ate most of the vanilla crackers:-) He’s a sweetie!

  2. what a cutie pants!!

  3. He is so cute! It must be painful for you to have to watch him grow up from afar. I’m glad you have all this technology so you don’t miss anything! 🙂

    • He must think that we live in the computer! When we left him, he was two months old. We will be visiting next month so that we can meet grandson #2 and let Milan know that we’re real people!! So thankful for skype.

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