Memorial Day

There is so much to be said about Memorial Day. I’ve seen post after post reminding us to reflect upon the reason for this day of remembrance…it’s not simply a day off replete with cookouts and fireworks.

When our children were young and we lived next door to one of our favorite Viet Nam vets, Mac Cassell, they always made a point to go over to Mac and say thank you. Not that they totally understood what he had done for them. But they knew to say thanks.

This weekend our daughter, her husband and their son were visiting relatives in Ohio. On Sunday they all spent some time at the cemetery remembering loved ones. Some had served our great country through the military and some had not had the privilege.

I look forward to the day when we can explain to little Milan that his great-great-uncle who is holding him in this picture was a Marine (um…IS a Marine per his hat) and fought for the freedoms that Milan now enjoys.

Thanks, Mac. Thanks, Uncle Wilbur. And thanks ALL of you who have valiantly defended freedom around the world.

I’m proud to be an American.


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