Kyle graduates!

This is one of my most favorite pictures of our time here. Taken years ago during a Sunday school class that I taught, the children were all part of a special weekend foster care program with our church.

One of the very first children to be adopted from this crew was Kyle, the handsome young boy in the middle. He joined his forever family in Birmingham, Alabama and then this special family returned to adopt Kyle’s best friend Karson. How cool is that? Since then they have adopted a sibling group from Ukraine.

Last fall we visited this inspiring family, and I was amazed to see my two young students all grown up. And quite handsome. (And somewhere in my files I have a picture of us together…just can’t locate it at the moment. Ugh!) And then yesterday we received a message from his parents: Kyle graduated high school the night before! In their words: “Huge miracle, orphan boy comes to family and graduates American high school and now will go to Wallace State Junior College and play soccer in the fall (his dream).”

Congratulations, Kyle! (And job well done, Nichols clan!)


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