Community center farewell party

Today was my last English lesson at the community center until the fall. We let the staff and children know that we planned to have a party. I really should NOT have been surprised to have two of the little girls come dressed as elegantly as princesses.

I WAS surprised that the children from a nearby center weren’t there. These children had been so consistent; I just couldn’t understand why they weren’t there. Turns out that they were scheduled for an excursion of some sort.

We spent the first part of our time as usual: reviewing phrases, colors, numbers. Singing and dancing (?) to Hokey Pokey, and other action songs.

Then we changed things up a bit. Can you have a party without party hats? Of course not. We all folded hats from newspaper and then looked at projected pictures featuring the children themselves throughout our time this year. I really love to watch children spot themselves in pictures!

We finished up the morning with ice cream sandwiches, cakes and cookies. Yum.

Just as we were preparing to shut things down, who should show up at the door? My missing children and their favorite caregiver. What a surprise! They all shouted ‘thank you’ in unison and I just grinned.

I’ve been invited back to teach next fall and my mind is already racing…new plans, new projects.

Love these mornings.



  1. i’d invite you back, too. hokey pokey, party hats? you’re solid gold!

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