An absolutely gorgeous day in Kyiv. Left early for church so that we could stop by and collect some of the children from the hospital. They decided to attend an Orthodox chapel on the grounds of the hospital instead. I was really disappointed and a bit frustrated because the children had earlier said that they wanted to return to our church. Unfortunately the staff today didn’t recognize us…where have they been for these last weeks??

When we arrived at church, we had an American pastor bringing us God’s Word. Turns out that it would have been difficult for the children … sitting through English and then Russian translation. God knew.

Lovely evening at the Balcony Cafe. Tonight’s offerings: fruit salad and cinnamon pinwheels made from lavash. Yum. Perfect temperature outside. Thumbs up from passersby.

Pretty great day, all in all.



  1. lorinda says:

    We had friends over for lunch on our balcony, today. 🙂 It’s so nice! I’m glad it worked out with the kids. I pray that they will be able to attend church regularly and get some loving from the members.

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