Adoption changes

Well, it seems the Ukrainian parliament passed a bill today that would prohibit foreign adoption of children under age 5. The law needs to be signed by the president and will go into effect one month after the signature.

Some exceptions involve sibling groups and specific special needs.

At first glance, the law doesn’t seem to favor the children — why wait until age 5 to be adopted into a loving family? Where will the children be until that age?

Praying for those children needing a family.



  1. lorinda says:

    This wouldn’t be so heartbreaking if there were lines of Ukrainian families queuing up outside the “baby nests” to adopt and love all these babies! Makes me so sad to hear. I’ll be praying about this situation.

  2. Lisa Hendrickson says:

    i am so very sad at this news.

  3. this seems devastating. praying for these children and the lawmakers! xo

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