Wednesday visits

Wednesdays can be exhausting. But it’s a good exhausted.

A dozen children at the community center: a bit of a challenge when the ages run from 2 to 8. They were wound up today and I prayed that we could keep them somewhat focused. It’s amazing what a rousing chorus of Hokey Pokey, and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes can do to help get the wiggles out.

The children at Oxmatdet were fully energized this afternoon. Spring fever is here. I was so encouraged to see the smiles!

AND, one of the teenagers was proudly wearing a long-haired brunette wig. She had such confidence and obviously loved having hair, even if a wig. She is teased unmercifully by children at the orphanage because her hair fell out during treatment. She is looking forward to joining us at church on Sunday. I am not sure when she will return to her orphanage in another city.

Our little friend needing the kidney transplant actually chased Jim out of the building…she caught him just before he went down the steps to the street. I am thankful that I looked out the window at just the right time to see her give him a big hug and then walked with him back into the hospital.

Hooray for hugs and kisses…the best payment ever. I’ll be back for more next week!



  1. i am picturing that young one chasing after and hugging jim. my heart swells with joy, knowing those kiddos have you two in their lives!! xo

  2. She adores Jim.

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