Back in Kyiv

Oh, the joy of an uneventful border crossing! I was a little surprised at how thoroughly they looked through my suitcases — even opening the Phase 10 card game box. And Jim chuckled when they didn’t even LOOK at his bag. I must have a dishonest look or something these days. The customs man asked Jim whether there were any ‘problems’ in his suitcase and he answered no…end of discussion.

The train engineer must have been new to stopping…I don’t know when a trip has been so jerky…but I do still like life on the train. It’s a very relaxing way to travel and gave us time to talk about what we had heard and learned. Jim spoke with several others who were on our train who had also attended the conference, but had not been part of the medical piece. Always good to learn about others’ works so that networking can take place…even if WE’re not the connection, we’re happy to be the connector.

Hasn’t taken long to begin to get back in the swing of things here. Already thinking about the final steps to our new improved website. Newsletter ideas. Phone calls. Time to make definite plans for getting to the States to meet the newest (soon to be born) grandson. And to show our OTHER grandson that I am actually not just to be found on a computer screen…I’m human with arms that can’t wait to hug him.

But first…my head needs to hit my very own pillow.



  1. lorinda says:

    Glad to hear you are back and that the conference was so great. Sorry that you had to endure the suitcase search. But at least you didn’t have to go tromping through the dark to wait on hand-written documents and to go on “taxi” rides to banks open in the middle of the night. Suitcase searches sound a little better than that! But, does Jim really look more innocent than you? 🙂

    • Yes, back with lots on our plate. Still. Or again. Yes, I’ll take a luggage search any day…nothing to hide, that’s for sure. Just not sure why Jim’s belongings are usually left untouched!

  2. Welcome home!!! Good to know you’re safely back to your abode. Missed seeing you on skype! Looking forward to get your flight details :))) Love you!

    • Good to be home. And nice to have been missed out there in internet space. Time to get serious about our flights, I suppose! I’ll REALLY know that it’s time when we know who we’re coming to visit! Exciting days ahead. Love you, too.

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