Hope II Wednesday-Thursday

An exhausting couple of days at the Hope II conference…but a great exhaustion. What a privilege to sit with 45 health-care providers and a handful of pastors to brainstorm about how to expand the Kingdom through health-care … serving the congregation as well as the community-at-large. A mighty big picture, to say the least. We hammered out the first draft of a mission statement for this network and even set an initial goal for the first months.

This may be some history in the making. The current EU president is the president of Hungary — and this statement will be presented to him to present to the EU Parliament. Wow! If this should be adopted by the parliament…

We finished our intensive 2-days by attending a performance of Spanish horses being trained locally. The riders were young, and quite capable. The animals were extraordinary.

(All I could think of was my aunt in Lebanon, Ohio. She raises and trains horses and absolutely adores the white stallions…she would have LOVED this show!)

One more day in Budapest before heading back to the 25-hour trip back to Kyiv. Not sure why the trip back takes longer…wait, wait, wait…I DO know. It’s the time change. Hope to post SOMETHING before we go…

Pray for an uneventful border crossing. I mean it. Pray!!


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