Parish Nursing

Our internet connection is too slow at this conference site to be able to post pictures, BUT I just have to write to let you know about our friend Pam D’Andre’s presentation. She spoke to the smaller group on the health care track — around 45 folks — about her work as a parish nurse and the movement at large. A nurse from England offers training to interested people and is even willing to travel if there is a group that would like to be trained all at once. Pam is hoping to gather folks from several different churches, and even different countries, sometime in the fall to receive this training.

What an impact on whole churches and whole hospital wards! Having someone unrelated to you actually visit at the hospital?! Unheard of! And wash your hair? Read scripture? Pray with you? Others in the room frequently ask her to read louder…and then have questions!

And when she follows up at private homes and sees the needs there, she can pull in others from the church! How about helping renovate this little kitchen? Anyone have this or that?

At no cost.

Christ already paid.

(For more information, I’ll connect you directly to Pam…just let me know!)


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