Persevere in Godliness

We’re nearing the end of Thomas Watson’s book “The Godly Man’s Picture.” And we just finished the chapter entitled “An Exhortation to Persevere in Godliness.” He says that it is much to be lamented to see Christians wavering in religion.

“…When men think of heaven and the recompense of reward, then they want to be godly, but when they think of persecution, then they are like the Jews who deserted Christ and ‘walked no more with him’ [John 6:66]. If men’s faces altered as fast as their opinions, we should not recognize them. To be thus vacillating and wavering in religion argues lightness. Feathers are blown in every direction, and so are feathery Christians.”

Reminds me of the White Horse Inn that encourages us to ‘know what we believe and why we believe it.’

There is no shortcut to learning the doctrines that run throughout Scripture. Nevertheless, knowing what you believe and why you believe it will prevent you from being blown in every doctrinal direction. And you will be able to express your faith to those who might be asking you questions.

Be ready to give an answer…


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