Osama Bin Laden

Random thoughts on an historical day:

Well, the good news is that he is no longer going to be able to mastermind terrorist plots.

The bad news (for him) isn’t that he died…hey, we’re all going to die one day…but that he died without Christ. That doesn’t bode well for him — lake of unquenchable fire. For eternity.

Wonder what his minions think when they read that he put up a fight…and shielded himself with a woman. Brave leader, eh?

It’s hard for me to own up to what Scripture teaches: that I myself am capable of such atrocities. I really don’t like to think of myself that way, but, except for the grace of God, I could commit unspeakable acts. Look all around us — horrific news every day starring other heinous characters. We’re all capable of such sin. (May as well call it what it is!)

I’m thankful for the closure that many survivors of 9/11, Kenya and Nairobi feel today.

I’m amazed at the Navy SEALS…really. At GREAT risk for their own lives, they went in after Bin Laden. Not an easy target, and who really knew what to expect once they entered the compound. Thank you. Thank you.

I wonder who’s going to take over as the next leader/coordinator? And when will the retaliations come? (Maybe I’m forgetting that TODAY was the retaliation for several terrorist events, particularly 9/11)

I realize that being out of the country on 9/11 makes that whole event even less real — when I saw the footage of the plane hitting the tower I thought it was a pretty poor “B” movie. The emotion then was so different from the emotion expressed last night at Ground Zero and the White House…with one similarity: Americans came together whether in grief or with joy. Unified and proud to be Americans.

Relief that one less terrorist is out there.

Recognizing that evil still exists.

Praying for all of us.



  1. thank you so much for sharing your convicting, insightful and edifying thoughts on this. ❤

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