Sweet visit

I had such a sweet visit this afternoon.

Remember little Masha? We were praying for different fundraising events to help her parents arrive quickly to claim her as their very own? Well, they came. They claimed. And now she’s theirs.

Dad Wayne is back in the States taking care of the houseful that is there, so a friend of Meghan’s is here with her. Mary Malone of Eli Project fame. When they first arrived last week, they smiled and asked, “Can you believe we’re here together and left our husbands with the THIRTEEN kids?” Yeah, between these two families … 13 children. And over half of them have Down Syndrome…if my calculations are right.

Anyway, they called me because they were in the neighborhood and I met them on the street and we all came back here. Masha (now Mia Grace) met Eeyore and enjoyed her toys that were left here. Books are to be read ONLY when she is comfortably in your lap! I was privileged to receive such sweet hugs from her. Oh my, she makes your heart melt.

(Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures until Jim gets home — someone inadvertently took the cord that connects the camera to my computer — and so only Jim’s computer receives pictures straight from the card. Oh, well. Trust me…she’s a doll and I’m one fortunate friend!)

Pray that this trio boards a plane even as early as Thursday…holidays here until Wednesday and then again next week. They need to get home and help those awesome Daddys with NOW 14 children!

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